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Mr. Vijay Joshi

Mr. Vijay Joshi
Name of the delegate Mr. Vijay Joshi
About the delegate
  • Vijay is a pharmaceutical graduate with a master’s degree in business management.
  • He has more than 23 years of business experience of advising for the development of companies in pharmacy, poultry, finance, insurance, infrastructure, power, housing, automotive distribution and plastics.
  • Vijay is a core development and networking professional and has extensively travelled to various countries and struck relations in the field of nuclear, thermal power, education and bio-pharmacy.

Intends to identify opportunities in :

  • Bauxite mining, bauxite related products, aluminium industry 
  • Non-banking financial institutions and financial institutions
  • Affordable housing business
  • Nuclear power business
Organization name
  • APEC Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. – Director.
  • Aaron Wheels LLP – Partner.
  • Atomenergomash DM Power Private Ltd. (ADPL) – Director.
  • DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd. – Independent Advisor (erstwhile Director).
  • DM Natural Resources Pvt. Ltd. – Director (A JVC designed to work with AluChem U.S.).
    ​Phenomenal Business Solutions – Partner
About the organization
  • DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd.
    ​Interested in identifying aluminium and bauxite value added products. Company owns a bauxite mine in India and interested to identify partners in U.S. for developing value added products and similar investments in U.S. and India.
  • Atomenergomash DM Power Pvt. Ltd.
    A Russian collaboration interested to identify American partners in the field of nuclear power plant component manufacturing business.
  • Phenomenal Business Solutions
    Organization interested in working with financial institutions in developing retail lending business.
  • APEC Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.
    Organization developing mass affordable housing projects and looking for preferred partners.
Designation Director and Partner
Address 1st Floor , Jupiter complex, Tarabai Park, Kolhapur, India 416003
Phone number +91 8007967967
Organization website www.apecinfra.com, www.dminfra.com, www.atomenergomashdm.com
Email address vijay.joshi@apecinfra.com
Professional affiliations / memberships
  • ​Member of CII, Maharashtra Chapter since 2013
  • Member of CREDAI, Maharashtra Chapter since 2012
  • Represented Russian, Canadian and French Nuclear power component companies to build a manufacturing base for the proposed rapid expansion of nuclear power projects in India.
Professional achievements
  • Vijay started his career as a sales professional with Glaxo India Ltd. and successfully reached the best performing executive of the company. He was awarded by the CEO Mr Khusrokhan for his exemplary performance.
  • He further went to build a large distribution model for the poultry chick business and the hatching eggs business for C&M Group, a collaborator with HUBBARD FARMS and Peterson Farms U.S.
  • Lead the model of building a large distribution network of life insurance professionals across the Western Maharashtra for ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Co. Ltd. and created many business records in the sector of insurance.
  • Lead the developmental role for DM Corporation Ltd. in the fields of Hydro Power Generation Capacity installed 8 MW and acquired licenses for 30 MW. Infrastructure projects of earthen dams and land development.
  • Created a business model of building a consortium of Russian companies interested to establish base in India for Nuclear Power Project component manufacturing. Created a JVC with Russian power sector players and built consortium of Indian companies with large capacities to establish the manufacturing capabilities in India.
  • Represented the consortium to the CANDU (Canadian Organisation of Nuclear Power component manufacturers) in Ottawa.
  • Floated projects to build affordable homes to align with the PRADHAN MANTRI AWAS YOJANA (PMAY).
  • Advising DM Corporation Pvt. Ltd. in building a business model on bauxite related products.
  • Working closely with AluChem U.S. in exploring the development opportunities.
  • Created a strong alliance with several Russian companies in the power sector to explore opportunities.
  • Representing a good spectrum of companies operating in various fields and open to overseas business to set base and explore expansion opportunities.
Objectives of visit to USA
  • Open to explore investments in U.S.A
  • Interested in opportunities to build collaborative efforts of identifying investment options in American companies and build a business model which helps growth of companies at both ends. 
Interested in meeting
  • Looking forward to meet EDO’s.
  • Looking forward to meet companies working in or identifying investor companies.
  • Looking forward to meet companies in the sectors of alumina, aluminium,  automotive bodies, aircraft bodies, aluminium components and alumina refinery.
  • Looking forward to meet companies operating in the nuclear power sector component manufacturing business.
  • Looking forward to meet funds and finance companies looking for retail lending business.
  • Looking forward to meet companies in construction business dealing with housing and infrastructure projects.