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CA Jatin Jajal

CA Jatin Jajal

Designation: Partner and CEO

Company Name: JNJ & Associates

Contact Number: +91 9879554534

Email Address: jatin@jnjassociates.in

Website: www.jnjassociates.in

Purpose of visit:

  • Open to explore investments in USA.
  • Interested to explore investment opportunities in USA in the jewelry, business consulting and dry snacks sectors.

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With 1.2 billion people and the world’s fourth-largest economy, India’s recent growth and development has been one of the most significant achievements of our times. Over the six and half decades since independence, the country has brought about a landmark agricultural revolution that has transformed the nation from chronic dependence on grain imports into a global agricultural powerhouse that is now a net exporter of food. Life expectancy has more than doubled, literacy rates have quadrupled, health conditions have improved, and a sizeable middle class has emerged. India is now home to globally recognized companies in pharmaceuticals and steel and information and space technologies, and a growing voice on the international stage that is more in keeping with its enormous size and potential.

Historic changes are unfolding, unleashing a host of new opportunities to forge a 21st-century nation. India will soon have the largest and youngest workforce the world has ever seen. At the same time, the country is in the midst of a massive wave of urbanization as some 10 million people move to towns and cities each year in search of jobs and opportunity. It is the largest rural-urban migration of this century.

The historic changes unfolding have placed the country at a unique juncture. How India develops its significant human potential and lays down new models for the growth of its burgeoning towns and cities will largely determine the shape of the future for the country and its people in the years to come.

India is the most attractive investment destination in the world, according to a survey by global consultancy firm Ernst & Young (EY). Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) projections on growth rate of India are 5.1 percent in FY 2014–15 and 5.7 per cent in FY 2015–16. The HSBC Trade Confidence Index, the largest trade confidence survey in the world, has positioned India at the top with 142 points. The increasing demand due to its population makes the country a good market. Sectors projected to do well in the coming years include automotive, technology, life sciences and consumer products.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Moody’s Investors Service have forecasted that India will witness a GDP growth rate of 7.5 per cent in 2016, due to improved investor confidence, lower food prices and better policy reforms. Besides, according to mid-year update of United Nations World Economic Situation and Prospects, India is expected to grow at 7.6 per cent in 2015 and at 7.7 per cent in 2016.

As per the latest Global Economic Prospects (GEP) report by World Bank, India is leading The World Bank’s growth chart for major economies. The Bank believes India to become the fastest growing major economy by 2015, growing at 7.5 per cent.

According to Mr. Jayant Sinha, Minister of State for Finance, Indian economy would continue to grow at 7 to 9 per cent and would double in size to US$ 4–5 trillion in a decade, becoming the third largest economy in absolute terms.

Furthermore, initiatives like Make in India and Digital India will play a vital role in the driving the Indian economy.

India now has that rare window of opportunity to improve the quality of life for its 1.2 billion citizens and lay the foundations for a truly prosperous future – a future that will impact the country and its people for generations to come.

Housed within the U.S. Department of Commerce, SelectUSA promotes and facilitates business and investment into the United States by coordinating related federal government agencies to serve as a single point of contact for businesses & investors. SelectUSA helps businesses & investors find the information they need to make decisions; connect to the right people at the local level; navigate the federal regulatory system; demystify issues related to the federal government. For more information, visit http://selectusa.commerce.gov

U.S. - India Importers’ Council (http://www.usiic.in) is facilitating a delegation from India for SelectUSA.

The Facilitation includes:

  1. One-on-one business matchmaking appointments with pre-screened potential importers, exporters, investors, and joint-venture partners for trade, investment and technology-transfer.
  2. Company Visits (If Possible) 
  3. Investor meets
  4. Facilitation for Federal and Provincial Government Meetings
  5. Business & Investment Intelligence



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